How to legalize documents?

Procedure in order to legalize documents

1- The document should be produced in English and dully signed by the person that is giving it.  In case of power of attorney the document should be issued by a notary person.

2- The English document should be given to an official translator in order to be translated in to Spanish. The translator should put his stamp and signature on the document he translated.

3- Both documents (English and Spanish) should be attested by a Chamber of Commerce.

4- Both documents (English and Spanish) should be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.

5- Finally you can submit both documents in our Embassy in order to legalize them.

Note 1: No sticker is allowed over the text of the documents that would like to be legalized.

Note 2: Embassy of Cuba in India does not accept apostilled documents from Ministry of External Affairs because Cuba is not part of this agreement.

Note 3: If you want to legalize a photocopy of an original document, before submitting this photocopy to an official translator, you must go to a notary with the original document and its photocopy in order to certify that this photocopy is TRUE COPY of the original you want to keep. The notary person should put the TRUE COPY stamp on the photocopy. Then after that you should follow steps from 2 to 5 described above.

The attestation fee per each document is 8800.00 rupees, in cash. It means that the total cost for this case is 17600.00 rupees in cash.

If you need an agency in order to handle your documents and submitting in our Embassy you can contact

Mr. NileshDhamelia, whose contact details are as follows: (Rohan Travels)
501, Competent House,
F-Block, F-14, Middle Circle,
Connaught Place, New Delhi-01
(M)+91-9811-52-9464 or

Bank Details: (for Translation & legalization)

Account Detail:-
Account Number : 034305001629
IFSC Code: ICIC0000343ICICI BANK, CONNAUGHT PLACE II Branch,New Delhi 110001